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Mark Miller

Oppdatert: 30. mai 2022

Mark Miller is Director of Learning at Tate. His role is focused on the vision, strategy, direction and outcomes for creative learning programmes which enables access, participation, and contribution to British culture through the Tate collection and exhibitions.

These are some of the questions Mark Miller raise in his talk at Arts in Action: Urgencies in Art and Art Education Symposium:

Art -based encounters: connected, experiential and emergent

Through this talk I will aim to generate ideas that provide entry points into the conditions for creative encounters between people, art, and the museum. As we begin to acknowledge our changing landscape, more explicit considerations are beginning to emerge as we re-engage with our audiences. How do these encounters with art, and the spaces they occupy, expand the possibilities of learning, and provide support for our social and emotional understanding of our position in the world?

With aims and strategies that strive for people from all backgrounds to be able to create, question, and learn with art, this talk offers suggestions for methods that may enable a balance between the priorities and mission of the art museum, and the opportunity to reframe our work to make absences visible. Additionally, provide methods for enabling art based creative learning practices to navigate the role of social justice, partnerships, and audience centred approaches, to be a visible generative part of our art museums

Whilst recognising the impact of exclusion and underrepresentation of marginalised groups in our cultural spaces and workforce. This talk will consider how we can hold the responsibility and agency to represent the demographic of our cities and the culture in and across our locations, spaces, platforms and the artistic learning programmes we produce.

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