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Art in Context - KiK

Faculty of Fine Arts established Art in Context (KiK) which comprises the four research groups and one PhD specialization.

In KiK, we carry out research within the fields of music, theatre, and the visual subjects through different interdisciplinary and cross-aesthetic perspectives. The objective is to understand and analyse art in relation to complex social, cultural, didactic, and historical contexts. This context-orientation reflects current tendencies in present-day artistic practices and in current arts-subject research. The meeting points between artistic and scientific entry point to research and development work are also the subject of focus.

KiK runs research projects at the dynamic point of contact that exists between theoretical, empirical, and artistic, performance-oriented points of entry. Through this, a cross-aesthetic research field is developed across the lines of the traditional subject divisions. In this way, KiK wishes to contribute to the exploration of the potential of the arts subjects in wider contexts in which the scholarly content is not only understood as content per se, but also as perspectives which result in the researchers seeing new connections, both externally in society and internally in the arts subjects.

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