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Art and conflict

Oppdatert: 26. feb. 2020

The group researches into the mutual relations between art and conflict. This includes obvious conflicts, as well as more or less overlooked or hidden conflicts.

  • How do visual art, music, theatre and literature approach different kinds of conflict?

  • What happens to artistic processes, art works and art institutions in high-conflict circumstances?

  • How can aesthetic experiences and aesthetic forms play a dynamic role in dealing with complex and potentially conflicting social conditions?

  • How does the art itself become an object of conflict, stir up conflict or even inflict conflict?

  • Can art play a vital role when consensus orientation becomes socially or politically unproductive?

  • How can artists and art educators create productive arenas for dissensus?

This group is part of the interdisciplinary research-platform Arts in Context. The group members are engaged in academic research as well as in artistic research

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