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Arts and Social Relations

The group researches how art establishes and develops social relations and creative fellowships in arenas and with participants who find themselves both within, and at the margins of, the established arts and cultural world.

The group brings together artists, researchers, teachers and actors from other fields than the arts, but who think in interdisciplinary terms about the development of relational theory and practice – fields such as, for example, sociology, education, philosophy and urban studies. The research group “Art and Social relations” wishes to develop practices for both academic and artistic research.

  • How can artists and researchers create arenas which shed light on question art’s relational elements?

  • How can art’s relational character contribute to new practices within the arts institutions (outreach)?

  • How can art create relations to and between different parties outside or in the marginal zones of the established arts, in schools, nurseries, local communities and in more loosely-based and short-term groupings?

  • How can art and art education be of significance in establishing relation-based arenas of learning?

  • How can research and arts practices promote sustainability and social justice?How can different groups in society and schools enter into and influence performing and creative artistic practices?

  • How can art’s social and creative character develop new approaches to questions of health?

  • How can relationally-anchored artistic practices contribute to new ways of understanding “the production of subjectivity”?

photo: Kristiansand Kunsthall

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