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REMP: Reconfiguring Early Modern Performance

Oppdatert: 26. feb. 2020

Our objective is exploring the performance and the performers of Early Modern Music (c. 1400–1750). We seek to reconfigure how the music may be understood by, and communicated to, a present-day audience and improve, develop and discover new methodological approaches to how the music can be studied in a broad context. Central to our work is interdisciplinary approaches to artistic practise, theory, history, social- and cultural interactions and pedagogy.

REMP explore:

  1. The interaction between period music, performer and audience focusing on communication. We look particularly at the realisation and performance of Early Modern music and its relation to historical evidence, but with a special interest in how various meanings, functions and interactions are perceived and communicated to present audiences with varying degrees of previous knowledge.

  2. Improve, develop and discover new interdisciplinary methodological approaches to how we study Early Modern music. By strengthening the interdisciplinary bonds between artistic research and -practise and more traditional academic research practices, we seek to generate methodologies governing the practising performer and the perceiving audience as well as the scholar.

  3. Identify and present strategies and perspectives that can contribute to generating new audiences and performers nationally and internationally. By developing a better understanding of Early Modern music’s communication strategies, designs and social function, we argue that we can better customise performances which evoke interest according to the premises set by today’s music markets. This stretches beyond superficial concepts such as playing Baroque music in a bar or having Renaissance nightclub DJs, but rather focuses on establishing communication strategies, self-expressive acts and mediation opportunities in close relation to the music itself. We further believe that the knowledge we produce can have a positive effect on music education by introducing perspectives currently unrepresented in the related educational and pedagogical debate.

This group is part of the interdisciplinary research-platform Arts in Context. The group members are engaged in academic research as well as in artistic research

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